Pack Nutrición 3 meses


Nutrition Packs 3 Months

What’s included?
3 months of nutritional advice according to your needs. Special nutrition plan for you. Supplementation plan.
Men and women. Vegan. Weekly reviews. Mail and WhatsApp
24H available.
Gift of 1 face-to-face consultation with Jaime and Pablo in Las Rozas de
Madrid, Madrid.

Who is this program for?
To lose fat, gain muscular mass, gain of health, opponents to police and fireman, amateurs athletes
(football, basketball, triathlon, cycling, tennis, paddle, boxing,
mma, etc.), ifbb / npc competitors, people with pathologies,
sports readjustments, etc.
* Nutrition plans are changed every month, being subject to
variations according to the needs of the client.

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