Hi, my name is Jaime Casado, I’m a personal trainer and this is my history

I’m 23 years old and I’m from Madrid, Spain.

All my life, from I was a kid I have been very passionate about sports.
I was always a regular guy with an amazing family, good friends, a regular student
Until that fateful day…

I was 17 years at that moment, I was a teenager in the middle of my growth.
I left school and I was on my way to home by my motorbike, when a car suddenly
ran over me, committing a grave traffic violation, which almost costs my life.

That day must have been horrible for people who were around myself, my family,
my friends, my teachers, my colleagues.
I don’t want to think how painful must be for a mother receiving that phone call.

My friends and teachers ran to the accident’s place, they all were next to me until the ambulance arrived.

I have some memories from that afternoon… but what I remember exactly is the next day,
when I woke up in the hospital. It is something I will never forget.
I thought everything had been a dream, but I realized little by little what was going on, I saw beds around myself with people who didn’t seem to be fine, and I looked at myself and everything was cables and a sheet which covered all my body.

I didn’t notice my legs, so I started to touch them in order to know what happened to them and that moment
was when I uncovered my right leg wasn’t fine, It was too big and I couldn’t move it.

I was anxious and called a nurse, who explained what had happened sadly to me…
At that moment, I let my body fall on the bed realizing that everything haven’t been a dream. It was the reality…
Those days were very long in the hospital, those were full of pain, sad faces, insomnia…

They explained slowly the gravity of the injuries to me. An open fracture of femur wasn’t easy to recover.
The remaining injuries didn’t exist for me by looking at my hurt leg. I had fractures of jaw, elbow, knee and hip…
Who could sleep those days thinking that you weren’t going to be the same person than before?
It was a hard and unexpected situation for an immature 17-years guy.

Music change to Motivation

Here is where my personal fight starts.

A fight in which I was always accompanied by my family and friends, who were always there to go to the hospital and to visit me, who were with me throughout
the whole journey.
I sometimes think if I thanked to them enough, I don’t know if I would had been able to get over it without them…
The accident was at the end of the course, so I couldn’t do some final exams, which I had to do next year, and some
teachers came to my house and helped me a lot.

I remember exactly how hard the next year was for me, my last course before going to the university, when I had to do the University
access test.
The last year of high school was really difficult because I went to school with crutches, with the help of my parents and friends,
and when I left school I everyday had to go straight to the 3-hour rehabilitation session.
It was really hard to me, I knew a half of the knowledge with respect to the previous year, I had to take classes with private teachers, hours and more hours and I didn’t get the results which I needed… Thank to the support of the teachers and my parents, I got it.
I did the University access test and entered the University.

My real sport was karate, I was training to get the black belt that month. I had been playing karate since I was 5 years old, but that last year I started to progress increasingly, I was really good at fighting…
After all, I realized I couldn’t play karate anymore…

After some months of rehabilitation, the physiotherapists decided I didn’t need it anymore… leaving me with an unfinished recovery, which didn’t allow me to do things as simple as bending the knee, bending down, jumping or running, but due to the great number of patients that they had, they decided to finish the rehabilitation for those who started their treatment before…

I was very surprised, painful…but I got stronger… I decided that if they weren’t going to help me anymore, now was my moment. I signed up to the gym, where I had the luck of meeting a great person, who helped me with my rehabilitation and to improve little by little. Thank to that trainer I recovered the hope and the strength. My previous fight was huge, and I was beating the game, people were surprised by the speed of my recovery… That effort was constant and day by day, I didn’t stop, I never gave up…

A year after the accident, I realized all I had got alone. Not only I was recovering, but also I was getting better, even more than I was before all.